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Addressing the scarcity of deal flow which can adequately meet the environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards for  investment subscribed to by one quarter of professional assets under management.


 Creating financial & educational centers for this approach to capital stewardship.


Designing and implementing the ingenuity strategy to proactively address a number of the fundamental causes of economic inequality — capital mobility, global labor arbitrage, the monetization of algorithmic learning and the broken link between increased productivity and equitable compensation. 


Facilitating the development and commercialization of inventions and other forms of intellectual property in a manner that enables the creation of good jobs, greater access to resources necessary for innovation and the protection of inventors’ intellectual property rights while increasing their connections with end users to accelerate the inventive feedback loop.



Working to rebalance  and transform the economic, political and social interactions between capital, work and invention so as to accelerate the adoption of policies and practices which proactively address climate change

-- which presents an existential challenge to the preservation of capital, the future of work and the purpose of invention.  


About Responsible Markets

Responsible Markets was founded by Ian Chan Hodges in 2000 for the purpose of leveraging market imbalances profitably for long-term good. Responsible Markets has been guided by this principal objective in all of its paid and pro bono engagements, including work on following:

  • Clean Energy:  Responsible Markets served as the Hawaii lead in the development of the Hawaii State Clean Energy Innovation Strategic Plan.  We also provided expertise to Hawaii’s Office of the Consumer Advocate on how Hawaii’s economy can benefit from new models of corporate governance that incorporate local values and measurable community benefits with a robust framework for catalyzing the groundbreaking inventions necessary to meet the state’s 100% renewable energy targets.

  • Investment:  Responsible Markets organized the first “multiple bottom-line” investing summit in Hawaii which was held at the state capitol. Participants included key Hawaii and mainland representatives from pension funds, foundations, trusts, state government, venture capital and intellectual property. We also played an instrumental role in the community friendly buyout of a Hawaiian hotel and were involved in conceptualizing and developing a guide to responsible investment for institutional investors. Most recently, Responsible Markets worked with a national client engaged in acquiring electric utilities by investing capital through a public benefit corporation governance structure to proactively embrace customer facing clean energy resources and technologies with utility scale grid resources.

  • 21st Century Future of Work Strategies: Responsible Markets developed the ingenuity strategy in consultation with national leaders in labor, investment, invention, economic development, manufacturing, engineering and law.  We worked with the UAW following the auto crisis on strategies for using automaker patents to anchor good jobs in the United States. Responsible Markets was also engaged by a labor federation to introduce clean energy focused technologies into port operations in a manner that would increase wages for drayage truck drivers. In 2017, we helped organize a global summit of engineers unions and collaborated with participants to design a strategy to reinvent the role of unions in a new world of work where power accrues to platforms, collective data augments ‘intelligence’, and incentives to invent are diminishing.

Maui ESG Project and Ahupua`a Summit

Developing a blueprint for Maui to become a financial center and educational leader in the advancement of transformational investment focused on environmental care, social responsibility and good governance.


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